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Ugfa Collective Agreement

It took nine months of negotiations, including 30 days of Labour Council mediation, to negotiate an agreement in which most of the articles were either literally or essentially those of the 2012222014 faculty agreement. If the administration had not vigorously denied the articles of the «old» agreement for the first six months of negotiations, we would probably not be on strike today. On behalf of the 41,000 members of the BC Teachers` Federation, I am writing today to express our solidarity as you negotiate your first union collective agreement. The BCTF, like you, believes that all educators must be able to exercise their right to free and complete collective bargaining. We also strongly support your goal of achieving pay parity with other faculties in British Columbia and across Canada. This issue is currently under discussion with the administration and we will inform our members as soon as an agreement is reached. The UNBC FA proposes that sabbaticals be completely spared from a strike (i.e. they would continue to receive their normal sabbatical salary, have access to research funds, have access to their office, be reimbursed for research expenses, etc.). You can encourage NUGSS to take action (letter campaigns, petitions, etc.) and encourage UNBC to reach an agreement with the Faculty Association. You can write letters to the citizen explaining the impact of a strike on you and your plans. You can tell your family and friends to share their views on social media in support of UNBC`s faculty.

And you are cordially invited to accompany us on the picket line. Jacqueline: On behalf of the University of Manitoba Faculty Association, I wish you and your colleagues all the best in your fight for a strong first collective agreement. Our colleague Tom Booth, President of the CAUT Defence Fund, will present the UNBC Faculty Association with a cheque for $2,000 as a tangible sign of our solidarity if he joins you on Friday on the strike line. The Union of Faculties of Saint-Marie University wishes to express its sense of solidarity with UNBC-FA, as you make progress towards union action. We hope that your work will be brief and that you will be able to negotiate a fair and reasonable collective agreement as soon as possible.