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Sfaa Lease Agreement

Please contact Gordon Property Management if you have any questions about the association`s lease or if you need help obtaining a rental agreement for your tenants. We`ll be happy to help. You can go to the association`s website, where the lease is available for purchase. Buying is a great investment and you will find that it covers everything you need from a solid lease to meet. In addition to the new lease, SFAA has also released new versions of storage and parking contracts. The forms are available on Instanet and zipForms from April 3. The San Francisco Apartments Association (SFAA) has just published a revised housing rental agreement that specifically applies to rent laws in San Francisco. We are often asked what rental contract a San Francisco landlord should use for tenants moving into a rented apartment. The answer is clear. The San Francisco Apartments Association has written an excellent apartment rental agreement that we recommend to all San Francisco homeowners. This is the lease we use ourselves with Gordon Property Management. Note: This information should not be construed as legal advice and may be amended without notice. Please contact the Rent Board to confirm that the information here is always good.

This article, written by SFAA for its members, explains numerous updates to this year`s lease. Anyone who wants to use it is encouraged to read the article and spend some time familiarizing themselves with the new lease. A special thank you goes to SFAA for sharing this article with us. If you are an owner in San Francisco who manages your own property, we strongly advise you to join the Apartments Association. This is a great organization that has a lot of information about San Francisco`s rent control laws and what you should or shouldn`t do when you rent your property. You don`t need to join to buy the lease; anyone can access it and use it. © 2017 by Fried and Williams LLP. All rights reserved. The information in this article is general in nature. For advice on a particular case, please contact our lawyers, because the facts of your situation may be unique and the law changes from time to time.

If you don`t use the San Francisco Apartments Association rental agreement, make sure you have something complete. Any lease is better than no lease, but it`s definitely worth it if the San Francisco Apartment Association (SFAA) has released its 2017 version of its residential lease. Minor changes in form reflect recent legislative changes and proposals by SFAA members. Copies of the new agreement are available at the SFAA office or online at The SFAA housing rental agreement is considered the best standard rental form for use in San Francisco.