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Distributor Application Agreement Form

B. Unless the public party has expressly authorized something else, the receiving party accepts that it and its staff receiving proprietary information under this contract treat this proprietary information with the same care as that applied to its own proprietary information of similar importance that it does not wish to disclose, publish or disseminate to third parties. Change everything you want to change in an exemplary way in this distribution application form. It already stores the form items you probably need, including digital signature fields. However, you can add all the other fields you need using a simple drag-and-drop tool. Then download your own logo and branded items or choose from our themed gallery. Finally, don`t miss the opportunity to set up a thank you page to redirect candidates after graduation. c. The company packs the products for shipping in accordance with the distributor`s instructions. All product deliveries for customers in the territory and all related transport and freight costs are the responsibility of the distributor.

All shipments are set up by exW Company (Incoterms 2010). The distributor will check the products immediately after receiving receipt from the distributor to determine if the products contained in the shipment are defective, defective or otherwise incompatible with this Agreement. Within [days of receipt] of these products, the distributor will notify the customer of any defects, defects or non-compliance, and the customer will replace these products free of charge without delay. Ownership of the products is transferred during delivery to the distributor. i. indications. Unless expressly provided otherwise, all communications, consents, requests, requests and other communications that are necessary or authorized in this regard must be written down: (i) in writing; (ii) is sent in advance, if applicable, to the appropriate address or number (s) by courier, certified or registered U.S. mail, express delivery service or reliable fax (with copy shipped from one of the above means); and (iii) is considered to be given on the date of receipt by the recipient, such as (A) a receipt from the recipient (or a responsible person in his office), the records of the person transmitting such notification, or a notification that that recipient has refused to request or accept such notification if it was sent by a courier, U.S. courier or express delivery service or (B) a copy-generated receipt by telephone the sender , indicating that such a message was sent on a given date to the corresponding number when it is faxed. All of these messages are sent to the above addresses for each of the contracting parties or to other addresses or numbers that one party can subdivide to the other by notifying days in advance.